Yaz Class Action Lawsuit

Why You May Want to Consider A Yaz Class Action Suit

yaz class actionThere are likely many people out there who have taken Yaz, a new birth control pill that went on the market. But they may not realize how the drug has negatively affected the health of many women across the country. If you have recently taken Yaz, you may be curious to know about some of the litigation that has be going on recently. It is possible that you could join in with a Yaz Class Action Lawsuit that could compensate for some damages you have received. These kinds of lawsuits can be difficult to understand, so you will want to do some preliminary research ahead of time. Feel free to read through this information to get an idea of how you may get started.

Background of the Yaz Class Action:

If you have not heard, there have been thousands of women who were directly affected by some of the negative health effects of Yaz. These health effects were considerably serious, so you may want to understand what they went through. Some of them experienced significant blood clots that appeared throughout their bodies. For a few of them, these blood clots broke loose and formed what is known as a pulmonary embolism. These kinds of embolisms can be very dangerous once they enter your bloodstream. Many women out there received strokes as a result of the blood clots that were formed. These are serious medical conditions and will require attention from doctors if the situation becomes severe.

All of these patients were taking the birth control pill known as Yaz. It has since been demonstrated that this pill was linked to the blood clots that formed in the bodies of these women. Many of the women were then able to file small to moderate claims as a result of the damages they received. There have already been some Yaz Class Action lawsuit filed against Bayer, who was the maker of the pill. There have been numerous successful lawsuits already that have conclusively demonstrated a link between these symptoms and Yaz. If you have been affected, you will want to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Seeking Medical Help Before the Yaz Class Action:

Should you be taking Yaz birth control pills, you may want to talk to your doctor as soon as possible. As mentioned before, there have been a number of serious Yaz side effects occur as a result of these pills. Talking to a doctor may let you know if you should stop taking the medication soon. They will likely want to run a few tests to determine whether you are at risk for complications as a result of taking these pills. They should be able to determine whether you have blood clots in your system. It is important to take these kinds of clots seriously, since they could detrimentally affect your health.

A number of women have experienced some very severe side effects as a result of these blood clots and have filed Yaz Lawsuits. Some of them have had some painful episodes in which the embolism moved freely through their bloodstream or become caught in different locations. A few women have even had cerebral hemorrhages, which can cause substantial damage to the body or even death. They may have experienced blurry or even lost vision as a result of some of this damage. A blood clot is always considered a serious condition by the medical community. They will want to take every precaution possible to help ensure that you get the treatment you need.

BP Claims Consultants

BP Claims Consultants and BP Claims

If you are planning to file a claim due to damages or losses resulting from the BP Oil Spill, the assistance of qualified and expert BP Claims Consultants will be very helpful. But before you do so, let’s go over the facts of the oil spill and know more information that can help you file your claim.

The BP Oil Spill also known as the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has made history as the largest oil spill disaster. In April 2010, an estimated amount of 210 million gallons or 4.9 million barrels of oil leaked from the BP’s oil rig situated in the Gulf of Mexico. The leaked from the sunken oil rig continued for several months, affecting thousands of individuals from different areas. In fact, several US states, Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi are all part of the BP Settlement Zones that can receive compensation due to the harmful effects of the oil spill.

Aside from business and economic losses and medical distress that the tragedy had provided, massive environmental disaster has plagued every area that the spilled oil has reached. What is more? Even when the spill had occurred in the second quarter of 2010, the affected bodies of water and coastlines were still under observation as of December 2012.

The marine habitat horribly suffered from the spill as more than 8000 animals that include birds, turtles and mammals died within the months that the oil was freely flowing in and on the waters. The cleanup workers and the exposed individuals who live in the affected areas endured terrible effects from the oil and the dispersant that was used to bind and remove the oil. A report showed that severe health problems such as memory loss, liver damage, bloody urine, heart problems and kidney problems affected several of the cleanup workers. Businesses surrounding the BP Settlement Zones have experienced great losses from the decline of seafood catch and hampered tourism business due to the pollution. Considering all these damages, the BP Oil Spill litigation which initially approved BP Settlement for Economic and Property Damages had approved BP Medical Settlements in January 2013.

Can you file a claim against BP?

Yes, you can file a claim if you are among the individuals or owners of businesses that have experienced income losses, property damages and health risks and medical conditions due to the oil spill and cleanup drive. As long as your claims have been found legitimate, BP is required to provide proper compensation or reparation.

If you are among these individuals, you have the right to receive remuneration for the damages of the oil spill. Furthermore, the oil spill’s effects had not only given days or weeks of suffering but months to years of negative effects on your life, business and health.

How can you file a BP claim?

To help you file a claim, you can seek the help of BP Claims Consultants that are proficient in the computation of losses that you have acquired from the spill incident. Your BP Claims Consultant will see to it that you receive just compensation for the damage incurred from the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. They will assist you in completing the necessary requirement to file the claim and will perform proper evaluation to determine the settlement that you deserve.

What characteristics should BP Claims Consultants possess?

To be able to get the right BP Claims Consultant for your case, here are several characteristics that you should know.

-When the BP settlements have been laid out, a lot of BP Claims Consultants have offered their services to businesses and individuals that are covered by the BP Settlement Zone. However, not all are proficient in assisting claimants in order for them to receive compensation. When you enlist the services of a BP Claims Consultant, you should make sure that he or she knows what he is doing and that he is knowledgeable in the field that he work in. Know if they have won other BP Settlements that they have filed and check if they are able to assist you with high chances of winning. Of course, provided that your claim is legitimate.

-Your consultant should be dedicated and hardworking. A lot of work may be needed to complete every case. Thus, you should hire someone who can provide the right amount of commitment and devotion in the claims that he or she handles.

-Find a BP Claims Consultant that can help you evaluate your losses. May it be individual loss, business loss or medical related a good consultant should be able to help you decide the type of claim that you should file.

-After determining the claim that will be filed on your behalf. Your BP Claims Consultant will help you strengthen your case by requiring legitimate documentations needed in filing your claim. To make this easier, your consultant will provide you with the list of needed documentations. You will receive clear and simple instructions on how to complete the claim.

-Proficient BP Claims Consultants do not asks for professional fees unless the filed claims have been approved and paid. And when they do, the fees that they ask for should be reasonable and fair to the claimant. Check with your consultant, if the services that you will be charged for will be paid at the end of the settlement or not. This is to make sure that you will not put yourself into further burden. You should also know the amount that your BP Claims Consultant will charge you. Do not hire a BP Claims Consultant who charges expensive fees.

If you are among the thousands of individuals who have suffered from the massive oil spill, you should not put this behind you. Thousands of claims have received settlements and more will be remunerated as they have done the right steps. There are skilled BP Claims Consultants that will help you file a claim. They will work persistently to provide you the BP Claims Settlement that you are worthy of. Filing a claim is not difficult and time-consuming, especially if there are people who are dedicated to help you. Fight for what you deserve now.